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Alpine Skiing 

7% of Tirol winter visitors hit the slopes once during their vacation; 74% ski the powdered trails at the ‘Heart of the Alps’ several times.


To ski in Tirol is to journey to the very heart of the sport. The Heart of the Alps is home to world-class skiing and riding at 80 Alpine ski resorts with, in total, 3,400 kilometers of skiable terrain, assuring that any type of winter sports enthusiast will have a truly enjoyable experience. Tirol is, after all, the number one destination for skiing in the Alps and home to Austria’s best ski resorts and ski vacations.

From mega resorts with all the amenities and thousands of skiable acres to hidden gems with great snow, manageable lift lines and roomy slopes that are perfect for families, Tirol offers some of the most epic trails and thrilling rides your clients will be able to find. With ever-evolving technology and an unquenchable drive to offer visitors the best, state-of-the-art gondolas and ski lifts taking eager skiers to the resorts’ farthest reaches. More than 7,000 dedicated snow sports instructors at 390 Ski Schools  offer highly acclaimed ski-school learning programs that are the perfect springboard to a life-long love affair with the slopes.

Known for having some of the best pipes and parks in Europe, Tirol continues to raise the bar in the terrain park area. All 70 Terrain Parks appeal to up and coming freestylers and seasoned experts alike. The playful spirit of Tirol’s ski resorts doesn’t fade with the sun during winter vacations—in fact, that’s exactly when 21 ski towns come alive with alluring trails and runs to be lighted at night: See Tirol’s glorious mountains in an entirely new light with Night Skiing

Also those who spend their winter family holidays in Tirol are the lucky ones! Family friendly ski resorts, baby ski courses and a huge choice of activities away from the slopes guarantee the whole family a fantastic winter holiday.

And why wait for winter? If your clients want to continue skiing even after the snow has melted from the mountain peaks in spring—or if they are keen on getting a head start on the season in early fall, it’s the perfect time to ... go skiing and riding: Tirol’s 5 Glacier ski resorts let visitors experience the best of both worlds—work on their tan and get their ski/ride fix at the same time.

An exciting “Après Ski” scene is the ski resorts’ social heart, where day meets night, where tall tales and magic moments come together.

Key statistics "Ski & Snowboard Holidays in Tirol”

    Alpine skiing
•   8 out of 10 guests go skiing during their Tirol holiday (72% as their main activity)
•   Skiing is the number one winter sport activity in all home markets
•   Above average proportion of skiers from NL, DE
•    The average skier is 50 years old
•    Highly educated
•    Families with children/young people by far the largest group before couples and friends
•    High proportion of regular guests
•    Skiers become aware of the region mainly through the Internet and through stories/recommendations 
•    Most skiers book their accommodation direct
•    The majority of overnight stays are in hotels / B&Bs
•    Sporting activities in addition to skiing: winter hiking, tobogganing and snowboarding; bathing/swimming is of fundamental importance from a relaxation aspect
•    Additional activities: Après-ski, food and drink, walks and wellness

Source: Tirol Werbung, T-Mona Winter 2021/22

•    Some 12% of guests go snowboarding (10% of which as their main activity)
•    Above average proportion of snowboarders from the NL, DE
•    The average age of a snowboarder is 46,7 which is significantly younger than the Tirolean average
•    Very highly educated
•    Families with children/young people form the largest percentage of guests, above average numbers of friends as travel companions
•    High proportion of regular guests
•    Snowboarders become aware of the region mainly through the Internet and stories/recommendations
•    Most snowboarders book their accommodation direct
•    Just over half of the overnight stays are in hotels / B&Bs
•    Sporting activities in addition to snowboarding: most people also ski, but winter hiking and tobogganing are also very popular; bathing/swimming is of fundamental importance from a relaxation aspect
•    Other additional activities: food and drink, après-ski, walks, party/nightlife and wellness

 Source: Tirol Werbung, T-Mona Winter 2021/22

Skiing in Tirol