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The B2B trade marketing team of the Tirol Tourist Board looks after the needs of the international travel trade across all key markets.

We market Tirol to the world as the leading tourist destination of Austria. Working with members of the international travel trade who sell Tirol, we provide information about the Tirol summer and winter travel offer to ensure they have a good understanding of Tirol. We carry out sales and marketing activities and provide trade tools and day to day marketing support for key partners in each of our key markets and marketing support for specific sectors. We connect travel buyers with travel sellers.

We provide you great overviews of what to expect from each of Tirol’s 34 Regions as well as accommodation guides and help you in planning trips to our beautiful country.

Are you looking for some marketing material? Brochures and folders, posters and gorgeous images – all these and more are available for you for free (place your order by sending an email to

Holger Gassler, BSc

Head of Markets
Key Markets: Belgium, Denmark

+43 512 5320

Katarzyna Gaczorek, BA

Key Markets: Poland, Czech Republic

+43 512 5320

Daniel Gehring, MA

Key Market: Germany 

+43 512 5320

Florian Kahr, MSc

Key Markets: China, GCC-countries and International Travel Business

+43 512 5320

Stephan Nagl, MSc

Key Market: Netherlands

+43 512 5320

Martina Nairz, BA

Key Markets: France, Italy

+43 512 5320

Elena Protopopow, BA

Key Markets: India, United Kingdom, USA

+43 512 5320

Maria Ruetz

Key Market: Tirol

+43 512 5320

Eva Walter, MA BSc

Key Markets: Austria, Switzerland and Group Travel

+43 512 5320