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Few places in the world can offer what Tirol can: access to thousands of acres of epic backcountry skiing terrain for all abilities and some of the greatest steep powder skiing.


For certain skiers, even the challenge of a double-black-diamond run isn’t quite enough. They want to experience Tirol’s powder in its purest, most pristine state which involves climbing a mountain on skis and then ski down it—and it’s because of these adventurous alpinists that a thriving ski touring scene exists in Tirol.

Standing in lift lines is simply too mainstream and groomed runs are not quite challenging enough? Your clients will be thrilled to discover an exciting alternative to reach virtually untouched terrain with their skis: Ski touring (or ski mountaineering) is for those who appreciate gaining altitude, in search of the perfect downhill run, under their own steam. Fulfilling dreams of pristine, untouched powder and tranquil landscapes, clients will hike up a peak on skis to experience the reward of an unforgettable descent down the mountain on skis. 

Ski tourers get into areas considered inaccessible to ordinary skiers and enjoy a completely different mountain experience. The efforts of hiking up are rewarded with stunning views of the snow-capped peaks and valleys—and a breathtaking ski descent as incredible payoff.

Your clients have countless Ski Touring options available to them in Tirol, suiting all abilities and ambitions. They can pick whether they want to try ski mountaineering for a short time or several days. On longer multi-day tours they can stay overnight in the midst of Tirol’s amazing landscapes, in mountain huts and shelters. They might even like to try the experience of night ski touring, which they can do at many ski resorts throughout Tirol.

Ski touring on ski slopes also enjoys great popularity. Skiers who are keen to enjoy the experience but would rather not venture into the backcountry will find plenty of places in Tirol where they can walk up and ski down on marked slopes. However - in the sense of mutual consideration - certain rules of conduct must be observed.

Stay safe: Before Ski touring always also check out the avalanche forecast.

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