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Eisläuferin am Piburger See im Ötztal

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Ranging from luxury spa hotels to specialty stand-alone “Alpine Wellness” treatments, the choices for pampering, relaxation and reconnecting with nature run the gamut in the ‘Land in the Mountains’.

Tirol’s dramatic mountains have plenty of activities to get the heart racing, but they are also perfect for kicking back: Tirol has amazing health & spa retreats that combine relaxing therapies with picturesque landscapes. Clients may soak in Tirol’s natural resources—and feel as fresh as the mountain air without leaving the spa.

A trip to Tirol has loads of health-promoting effects. The Heart of the Alps not only offers dreamlike mountain landscapes but also fresh air and truly relaxing health treatments called “Alpine Wellness”. Health and therapy centres and spa resorts are dedicated to recharging and replenishing guest’s vital energy for overall health and well-being with amazing therapies and activities, like yoga in awe-inspiring mountain venues and Kneipp water therapy with stunning mountain views. Tirol helps your clients feel their best.

Ready to get serious about relaxation and rejuvenation? Then it’s time to experience Tirol Spa Hotels. Nestled in the heart of the Alps, these family-operated sanctuaries are attentive to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual rejuvenation. Dedicated and experienced professionals will guide your clients to a deeper appreciation of themselves through therapeutic spa and wellness services. Guests are invited to immerse themselves in the unhurried, introspective way of Tirolean life, including culinary excellence.