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5% of Tirol summer visitors climb once during their vacation. Climbers are active above average in almost all sports (87% hiking, 62% mountaineering, 58% swimming, 36% MTB). Climbing is very important or important for 16% of Austrians with an affinity for alpine holidays.  

Tirol rock climbing is synonymous with beautiful wilderness settings. From bouldering to ascending cliffs and rock formations, there are hundreds of challenging rock climbs all across Tirol’s mountains, including specially designated climbing terrains, via ferrates, frozen waterfalls and slick glacier walls: It’s not hard for climbers to find a little slice of climbing paradise nearly everywhere they go in the Heart of the Alps.

In figures, this means: around 5,100 sport climbing gardens sport climbing routes, around 600 multi-pitch tours, over 560 bouldering  areas, over 7080 via ferrata routes, around 140 ice climbing routes and over 4030 climbing & bouldering halls. 

Welcome to “Climbers’ Paradise Tirol”! 15 Regions are popular rock-climbing destinations, featuring spectacular vertical terrain for first-class rock climbing experiences.

A team of judges has selected five Great Lines in Tirol, representing the huge diversity of rock climbing the region has to offer.

Moreover, Tirol has many rock climbing areas that are appropriate for children and families.
Gradually, the Climbing with Kids opportunities are growing up to support the growth of this popular pastime. The dedicated “Climbers’ Paradise” family areas are an easy drive for climbers of all ages and abilities—and truly make climbing a family sport with quality approved climbing terrains, bouldering problems and instruction. Find out more about “The Ten Best Family Climbing Spots” here.

Key statistics “Climbing Holidays in Tirol"

•    5% of guests go climbing during their Tirolean holiday (the majority as a secondary activity)
•    At 45, the climber is significantly younger than the average Tirol guest
•    Above-average level of education and income
•    Families with children/young people form the largest percentage of guests
•    High proportion of regular guests
•    Climbers become aware of the region mainly through the Internet, recommendations from friends and articles in the media
•    Most climbers book their accommodation direct
•    Hotels/B&Bs booked less often than the Tirolean average, holiday apartments enjoy above-average interest
•    Sporting activities in addition to climbing: hiking, mountaineering, adventure sports, MTB and cycling; mountaineering, adventure sports and MTB mentioned significantly above average;
•    Additional activities: food and drink enjoy above average significance, recreation in the form of walks, visits to places of interest, excursions and visits to natural attractions and national parks

Source: Tirol Werbung, T-Mona Summer 2019